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Boomtown is one of the UK’s largest festivals, attracting over 75,000 attendees each year.

We reviewed two years of Boomtown’s quantitative data and conducted additional rounds of research in 2021 and 2022. The surveys assessed attendees’ motivations for going to the event, experiences of the festival itself and what they would like to see in the future. We looked at different aspects of the festival using a range of question types, from basic rating scales to in depth open end responses. When segmenting the data using basic demographics, food preferences and who respondents prioritised from the lineup, robust trends came through. The data then played a role for planning and decision making for 2023. 

The survey was developed and hosted by Obsurvant, but sent out via Boomtown’s email lists and socials. What really stood out when going through the answers was how much people love the festival, with the majority returning year on year. This resulted in fantastic (and some amusing) open end answers which provided an additional layer to support the quantitative statistics. 

“Understanding our audience has been key to our growth and success. Massive props to the team, highly recommend these guys for insights.”
Chris Rutherford, Co-Director, Boomtown