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EO Charging

We delivered an in-depth study of the EV market with EO Charging, who provide charging solutions for commercial and domestic EVs.

The aim of the research was to explore what drives and differentiates EV intenders (people who plan to buy an EV as their next auto purchase) from EV owners. We developed a quantitative survey which was taken by 1,010 intenders and 504 owners to investigate the benefits and barriers of purchasing EVs and at-home chargers. We defined segments within these groups, with a focus on behaviours surrounding EV charging.

The findings indicated that infrastructure – namely owning a house with a driveway – was a significant factor in owning an EV and charger. Only 5% of EV owners charged their car out of their home, suggesting that people are unlikely to purchase an EV unless they have the necessary space and setup to install a charger outside. Ease of use was cited as the most important consideration when purchasing a charger which emphasises the general avoidance of out-of-home charging.

We also identified key demographics which may illustrate the ‘average’ EV owner. Current ownership was dominated by males between 25-44, living in London and the South East. Respondents within these demographics were most likely not to view money as an obstacle when it comes to purchasing an EV and at-home charger. This attitude towards cost was the biggest driver for owning an EV across the entire dataset.

Meanwhile, those who prioritise balancing quality with cost were more hesitant to purchase EVs and chargers. This ‘practical value’ mindset may describe the majority of consumers during the cost-of-living crisis, and it might explain why EVs are driven by so few people across the UK.

We’re continuing to see a steady increase in requests to understand the electric vehicle market. It’s a niche audience, but one that our sampling approach caters perfectly for.

“Obsurvant's ability to deliver a complex project efficiently and effectively was excellent. While other service providers struggled to gather the precise data we needed, Obsurvant delivered at the pace we required. Their thorough research and analysis provided us with the insights we needed to make informed decisions that will shape the future of our business for years to come. I highly recommend Obsurvant's services and will undoubtedly work with them again in the future."
George Edgar, Head Of Marketing at EO Charging