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Runway East Bristol Bridge, 1 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AA
‘s-Gravenhekje 1A, 1011 TG Amsterdam


LOKI POKÉ is an award-winning Bristol-based food retailer focused on healthy fusion food.

We worked with LOKI POKÉ to assess the British population’s perceptions of poké bowls, a relatively new and fast growing concept in the UK. We conducted a menu concept test and assessed their pricing structure with a view to driving increased sales on Deliveroo.

Within a nationally representative sample of two thousand respondents, we were able to identify the segments that order sushi and would be open to trying poké, alongside those that already love it. The insights used to target their marketing and to adjust pricing and the descriptions of the bowls on Deliveroo, catering to people who had never heard of it before.

"The research was really useful. We saw a direct impact on our Deliveroo conversion when we implemented the changes and altered our messaging based on the insights."
Georgia Hussey, Founder, Loki Poké