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Lost Village

Lost Village is a unique festival, with a dedicated following. It takes place in a secluded woodland in Lincolnshire and attracts 18,000 people each year.

We ran the post festival research in 2022, speaking to attendees about their experiences as well as which bands and DJs they’d like to see next year.

Lost Village has a distinct brand so it was important to ensure both the line of questioning and survey theme was aligned.

We ran a limited number of questions and instead of standard ratings, there was a focus on engaging open end responses allowing attendees to elaborate on and voice their opinions. What stood out was the overwhelming love of the festival and the immersive experiences it creates. To analyse the open ends, we coded the responses into key themes and applied segmentation to dig into specific elements of the festival within their core audiences. The data provided insights for the 2023 line up.

"The Obsurvant model allowed us to gain lots of really important insights and see customer feedback from loads of different perspectives and in finer detail than ever before”
Jay Jameson, Co-Founder & Director, Lost Village