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Manilife is arguably the best peanut butter out there. Palm Oil free and sustainably sourced, they pride themselves on both taste and their supply chain.

Due to the lack of palm oil, their peanut butter is runnier and requires stirring. We ran a survey screening two thousand frequent peanut butter consumers. The research assessed perceptions of the separated oil on top of the peanut butter before use and whether this impacts respondents purchasing behaviour. We also looked at the UK’s overall peanut butter consumption, in particular when and how they eat it. As expected there were clear demographic skews within the data particular when looking at the different consumption habits between males and females. 

A surprising percentage of respondents ate peanut butter directly from the jar with a spoon.

“We came with the need to better understand peanut butter consumption in the UK. The data spoke for itself and we could not be happier with the insights we could draw to help shape our business strategy.”
Oliver Badman, National Account Manager, ManiLife