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Save Your Wardrobe 

Encouraging sustainable fashion practices, within  production and consumption, is an important step towards tackling the climate crisis worldwide. 

Save Your Wardrobe (SYW) are on a waste reduction mission. Their ‘digital wardrobe’ platform provides local aftercare services to encourage the longevity and sustainability of our clothes and accessories. 

SYW were keen to gain insights into how much consumers already participate in the circular economy through repairs, alterations and cleaning. They also wanted to know whether these practices are restricted to certain items and whether specific things trigger this need for care/repair. 

We developed an online quantitative survey which targeted 500 respondents in the UK, France, Germany and the USA. We were interested not only in the potential demographic differences within markets but in any broader trends in behaviour and attitudes between markets.

We found that respondents in the US reported a much stronger relationship with fashion which was also reflected in the elevated frequency of their fashion consumption. This difference in consumption patterns was also found between age groups, with younger respondents placing more importance on trend cycles rather than brand loyalty or sustainability. 

Respondents in France were significantly more concerned with shopping sustainability, including second hand and vintage, than other markets. 

As the mission of sustainability is a global one, understanding the difference in attitudes and behaviours across a range of demographics is vital in developing strategy and messaging to suit all audiences and consumers. 

“We are extremely happy with the insights... The data is invaluable for us, as we look at new markets and research consumer behaviours around sustainable fashion.”
Gizem Akyl, SVP of Operations @ Save Your Wardrobe