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The Hunger Project

We worked with The Hunger Project to construct and frame a set of questions surrounding food waste in regards to the Coronation Celebrations and general awareness of global hunger issues.

The survey was delivered in under 24 hours and sent out to a Nationally Representative sample of the UK. The results, which were cut by demographics and statistically analysed for significant differences, were presented back to the Hunger Project UK with headline summaries. We assisted with the press release, checking that the presentation of data was accurate.

You can find more information and the press release here:

“We were recommended Obsurvant by a contact at another charity, with the need for a quick turnaround research piece in the run up to World Hunger Day in May 2023. With our limited budget, it was a relief to hear about their monthly research scheme offered to non-profits. The team was great and helped us develop a survey that captured the data we were after to bolster an upcoming press release. The results were good quality and very insightful. We’ll be returning to the insights throughout the coming year.”
Rebecca Burgess, Country Director at The Hunger Project UK