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UK Tea Association

The UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Tea industry to consumers and the media.

We were commissioned to explore the general perceptions of Tea in the UK as well as overall consumer consumption habits, in particular the depleting ones of the younger generations. 

We designed a survey combining quantitative and qualitative questions to fully grasp the locational, functional and social-emotional factors driving the consumption of Tea. The design and sample size of four thousand UK respondents allowed us to robustly capture significant differences between certain demographic groups.

We found that despite a large majority of respondents were drinking and enjoying the taste of tea, the Under 25s were drinking at a lower frequency. The data confirmed that this was due to a preference for the range of more convenient, cheaper and tastier beverage options which better suit the ‘On the Go’ lifestyles of younger generations.

Findings also highlighted opportunities for the UKTIA to explore Tea promotion around the younger generation’s unique prioritisation of Health and Wellness, Sustainability and Iced Drinks.

"Unsurprisingly the UK absolutely love tea"