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It’s always a treat to work with brands whose products you love.

So we were delighted to get the chance to work with Wahaca, the restaurant group that has brought the flavours of Mexican market food to the UK since 2007.

The aim was to help Wahaca better understand the perception of the brand by the general public. Ultimately, they wanted to delve into why people choose to eat out and what they love most about a restaurant experience.

We targeted the survey to 2,000 respondents who were familiar with Wahaca’s brand, but who hadn’t visited in recent times. They were particularly interested in tapping into audiences in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, and Cardiff.

To ensure we were speaking to the relevant audiences, we used our in depth profiling on demographics and respondents living in the specific regions. We also implemented a sample plan to match representative quotas and narrowed down the targeting to focus on those more likely to be eating out in restaurants (a mix of parents, full time employed, range of household incomes etc). Working with Wahaca we also developed appropriate screening questions once respondents were profiled to hone in on the specific audience requirements..

Outside of our survey, we reviewed existing data from customer surveys that had been run previously by Wahaca to add an additional layer of analysis, which allowed us to unlock previously undiscovered insights.

“Obsurvant helped us understand what our customers are looking for from a restaurant and specifically from Wahaca. This research is helping to steer our marketing strategy for this year and long term, too”.
Ed Latham, Head of Marketing at Wahaca