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It’s always a treat to work with brands whose products you love.

“Obsurvant helped us understand what our customers are looking for from a restaurant and specifically from Wahaca. This research is helping to steer our marketing strategy for this year and long term, too”.
Ed Latham, Head of Marketing at Wahaca

Save Your Wardrobe 

Encouraging sustainable fashion practices, within  production and consumption, is an important step towards tackling the climate crisis worldwide.

“We are extremely happy with the insights... The data is invaluable for us, as we look at new markets and research consumer behaviours around sustainable fashion.”
Gizem Akyl, SVP of Operations @ Save Your Wardrobe

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project are a non profit organisation who have a mission, through inspiring individual and collective action, to end World Hunger. World Hunger Day is a campaign which aims to raise public awareness of world hunger. In the UK, this campaign centered around a fund and awareness raising of and hosting a ‘Sustainable Supper’ with friends and family.

“We were recommended Obsurvant by a contact at another charity, with the need for a quick turnaround research piece in the run up to World Hunger Day in May 2023. With our limited budget, it was a relief to hear about their monthly research scheme offered to non-profits. The team was great and helped us develop a survey that captured the data we were after to bolster an upcoming press release. The results were good quality and very insightful. We’ll be returning to the insights throughout the coming year.”
Rebecca Burgess, Country Director at The Hunger Project UK

Calvium x NHS North East London

Calvium is a leading digital agency who have been working alongside the NHS North East London to explore how digital placemaking can enhance physical and mental wellbeing in London.

“The input from Obsurvant was particularly valuable. The insights generated by the research provided entry points for many of the stakeholder community engagement sessions. I returned to the data repeatedly throughout the project and it never failed to support my thinking.”
Dr Jo Morrison, Director of Innovation and Research, Calvium

EO Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) make up a small minority of cars in the UK, with only 2% of the population currently owning one. However, purchasing intent and ownership are steadily on the rise.

“Obsurvant's ability to deliver a complex project efficiently and effectively was excellent. While other service providers struggled to gather the precise data we needed, Obsurvant delivered at the pace we required. Their thorough research and analysis provided us with the insights we needed to make informed decisions that will shape the future of our business for years to come. I highly recommend Obsurvant's services and will undoubtedly work with them again in the future."
George Edgar, Head Of Marketing at EO Charging

Lost Village

Lost Village is a unique festival, with a dedicated following. It takes place in a secluded woodland in Lincolnshire and attracts 18,000 people each year.

"The Obsurvant model allowed us to gain lots of really important insights and see customer feedback from loads of different perspectives and in finer detail than ever before”
Jay Jameson, Co-Founder & Director, Lost Village

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