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Case Studies

Whatever your industry, audience or question, we’ve got the answers.


Calvium x NHS North East London

Calvium is a leading digital agency who have been working alongside the NHS North East London to explore how digital placemaking can enhance physical and mental wellbeing in London.

“The input from Obsurvant was particularly valuable. The insights generated by the research provided entry points for many of the stakeholder community engagement sessions. I returned to the data repeatedly throughout the project and it never failed to support my thinking.”
Dr Jo Morrison, Director of Innovation and Research, Calvium

Lost Village

Lost Village is a unique festival, with a dedicated following. It takes place in a secluded woodland in Lincolnshire and attracts 18,000 people each year.

"The Obsurvant model allowed us to gain lots of really important insights and see customer feedback from loads of different perspectives and in finer detail than ever before”
Jay Jameson, Co-Founder & Director, Lost Village

Rude Health

We were very excited to work with the B-Corp certified, food and drinks brand on concept test for their new product range.

“We needed to understand which of two innovation concepts would have the highest chance of success and what the key drivers were. The research and support from Obsurvant was immensely helpful.”
Sam Maguire, Head of Marketing, Rude Health


Boomtown is one of the UK’s largest festivals, attracting over 75,000 attendees each year.

We reviewed two years of Boomtown quantitative research data and conducted additional rounds in 2021 and 2022. The research assessed attendees’ motivations for going to the event, their experiences of the festival itself and what they’d like to see in the future. The survey was developed and hosted by Obsurvant, but sent out via Boomtown’s email lists and socials.

“Understanding our audience has been key to our growth and success. Massive props to the team, highly recommend these guys for insights.”
Chris Rutherford, Co-Director, Boomtown


Gorillas is an on-demand grocery delivery company founded in Germany in 2020. Over the past two years it has taken cities around the world by storm.

We ran a survey with Gorillas to understand the public perception of the brand – as well as its competitors – in specific boroughs in London.

“There were amazing actionable insights for us. It's the first data of this kind that we've been able to get in the UK, with such specific targeting.”
Danny Barry, Senior Brand Manager, Gorillas


Manilife is arguably the best peanut butter out there. Palm Oil free and sustainably sourced, they pride themselves on both taste and their supply chain.

“We came with the need to better understand peanut butter consumption in the UK. The data spoke for itself and we could not be happier with the insights we could draw to help shape our business strategy.”
Oliver Badman, National Account Manager, ManiLife

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